While in Cincinnati, OH recently we checked out a place called Jungle Jim’s.  HOLY COW!  This place was massive!!!  It housed a huge international market, a cigar store, a wine store, a tasting bar, a health food section, and a zillion other things I can’t even remember. 

Outside entrance to Jungle Jim’s Key West Havana Cigar Store

I actually got lost in it and had to ask for directions!  Everyone has been in giant grocery stores like Wegman’s and Whole Foods, but this place makes those look like cracker boxes. I could never have taken enough pictures to do this place justice.

This pic does NOT do it justice!

One of the clerks told me the story of it’s owner… James Bonaminio… and how she remembered when she was a little girl that he started out with only road side fruit & vegetable stands and now he has this mammoth operation.  This one is his second location and had only been open a week.  The original Jungle Jim’s is in Fairfield, OH.    You gotta see this place!!!  http://www.junglejims.com

Tasting bar inside Jungle Jim’s


Found a neat little smoke shop in Clermont, Florida.  Ole Times Smoke Shop is surprisingly interesting.  From the outside it looks very ordinary, but this sign was an eye catcher.

They have a very nice walk in humidor with a good selection of cigars. There is also a small smoking lounge.


The tobacconist on duty was Mike.  A pleasant guy who obviously knew a lot about his passion.

Clermont is not far from where we’re staying in Florida, so we’ll definitely be frequenting this great little smoke shop!